Golf Necessaries Every Beginner Should know

Golf iron cover

Golf playing is actually a communicative party. The way to play golf and the good playing environment makes people easier to get friends with each other than any sport. Then what are the necessaries a golf beginner should prepare?

1. Club
Every player can carry no more than 14 clubs when playing. It is the player himself to decide how many drivers or irons they should use. But use what club under what circumstances should be according to the player’s personal situation, the specific circumstances of the course, the position, terrain, direction, distance, wind direction of the ball.

The driver is mainly used for long-range hit. There are NO. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 drivers classified in length. No. 1 driver often use as the tee off club and 3 to 5 drivers often used in the fairway.

Irons have NO. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 classified by length, besides, there are pitching wedge, sand wedge and putter. 1 to 3 irons also called long irons have been gradually eliminated due to the long hitting distance and master difficulty. 4 to 6 irons can get a high hitting and the ball can still roll some distance after landed. 7 to 9 irons also named short irons use for approaching and difficult hitting position and the rough. Pitching wedge also known as P pole. It can cut up and the ball rolls a short distance after landed. It is commonly used in approaching shot. Sand wedge also known as S pole which is specially used for wedging the fried eggs. Putter dedicated to putting on the green.

2. Ball
Golf ball is a hard, flexible, solid white ball. Diameter of the ball shall not be less than 42.67mm, weighing no more than 45.93g, standard speed of 75m / s. It can be classificated into hard and soft balls according to the hardness, namely 70, 80, 90, 95, 100, 105. The larger the number, the harder the ball. Hardness is proportional to the hitting distance; hard ball has longer distance while soft ball direct better. According to the anatomy of the ball, it can be classified as one-piece-ball, two-piece-ball, three-piece-ball and multi-piece-ball. One-piece-ball is used for the driving range; two-piece-ball is the most commonly used ball; three-piece-ball and multi-piece-ball are only for high level golfers. The ball is mostly white, yellow and red balls also exist for personal favorite.

3. Tee, golf iron cover, golf bag
Tee is used for elevating the ball to the appropriate height to make the hitting no resistance.

Golf iron cover or golf head cover is to prevent the heads of the clubs in the golf bag from damage in a collision with each other.

Golf bag is used to place clubs, golf balls, tees, gloves and other accessories. Players can choose a golf bag with suitable size, weight and materials according to their height, weight, the number of clubs etc.

4. Clothing, gloves, shoes, umbrellas
Fabrics of the golf clothing should have features of moisture absorption, water proof, anti-fouling, anti-static. And it should be a T-shirts with anti-ultraviolet, antibacterial, deodorant, soft, non-deformed characteristics. In addition to T-shirts, you should prepare a breathable, lightweight, waterproof, windproof and easy storage jacket. And the dress should be comfortable, decent, neat and clean, and will not hinder the operation of swing and putt.

Golf Hats is one of the indispensable accessories. Most people like to wear a cap and visor which have the advantage of sun shading and not easy to fly in windy conditions and sweat absorption.
Few players wear sunglasses when playing. But if you want to wear the sunglasses, you must pay particular attention to prevent it fall off when you swing.

Gloves mostly are worn on the left hand, so that the hand can grip the club firmly.

Shoes is to protect the turf and keep you stand stably when hitting, and it can also save physical and prevent slipping while walking. Generally, there are small plastic nails or iron nails on the soles, it can make you easy to stand and keep balance. It will not hurt the lawn even walking on the greens. Nowadays, it is request to wear shoes with plastic nails on the course. Players have to walk 18 holes in a golf game, which makes the shoes very essential.

A big golf umbrella not only can shade the sun, but also can shelter from the sudden shower.

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