12 Tips to Help You Identify a True Golf Club


Golf is a noble sport, so the golf equipments are also expensive. Golfers definitely want good golf clubs. However, there are many cheap clubs with bad quality in the market, which are easy damage and degumming. In addition, it lack of stability on the direction and distance when batting, affecting the player’s performance. Today, Andux Golf, the professional golf equipment supplier, will share you 12 tips to identify a true golf club from the appearance and the manufacturing point of view.


1. Check the degree of torsion of the shaft.
You can grasp the grip in one hand and the club head in another hand. Both hands exert to the opposite direction at the same time. if it is a fake golf club, you can feel the rotation is very large, like twisting a branch; if it is the true club, you will feel the rotation of the shaft is small, and the hand holding the grip will get a little pain.

2. Test the hardness of the shaft.
The fake shaft is relatively hard, and has no elasticity and toughness when bending.

3. Examine the appearance.
The fake head line ditch is not straight with different shades.

4. There are defects on the false golf club head surface, and it paints unevenly, and has color shading.

5 False golf club head paints unevenly, there are omissions.

6. There are joints and pit concave between the fake golf club orifice and neck;

7. False golf club shaft also paints unevenly and unclearly with particles or scratched;

8. Fake golf club grip is relatively simple, mostly rubber material, feel uncomfortable.

9. Fake iron head has no adjustment angle;

10. Fake iron head polished and deformed;

11. The material of the fake club head is of poor quality;

12. Fake club head and shaft weight substandardly.


Followed these tips, you will never cheat by the fake golf club. If you want to know more about golf information, you can visit Andux Golf’s website www.deangolf.com. Andux Golf supplies all kinds of golf equipments, golf iron cover is its best selling production with premium quality that has a good reputations. Just go click the site and choose your favorite golf iron cover or golf club or any other golf accessories.

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